Saturday, November 17, 2012


Author: S.E. Hinton 
Age range: 13 & up
Content: Mild relationship content, no sexual content, moderate cursing, moderate-to-high violence
Genre: Teen Fiction
Publisher: Random House Children's Books 
Where to get it: Barnes & Noble or Amazon or Target

Summary: After the sad death of their mother and departure of their dad, brothers Mason and Tex struggle to make ends meet. In a desperate need of cash, older brother Mason, sells Tex's beloved horse. Tension grows between the two brothers as life challenges them with more and more obstacles. Like Tex's sudden attraction for Johnny Collin's blue-eyed sister Jamie, and Mason's former best friend, Lem becoming a drug dealer. Tex feels like his world is falling apart. But sometimes, everything has to fall apart before it can truly be whole again.

Opinions: I like this book. Obviously, this author also wrote one of my favorite books of all times, The Outsiders. So since I am familiar with Hinton's style of writing, it was an easy read for me. But her writing is easy to read anyway. I also like S.E. Hinton's characters. Usually, the main characters are boys. It's nice to read a book that's not all about girl problems and girly things. Tex is funny and likable too.

A couple months back, I bought this and another book called Rumblefish. I finished Rumblefish a while back, but have just neglected to write up a post on it. I'll probably do that next. I like this book better than Rumblefish which was a lot more violent than this one. And I didn't completely understand the characters in that one. They were weird.

In this book, I really enjoyed the characters. I thought it was really adorable how Tex narrates about Jamie and how much he loves her. The relationship between Mason and Tex was really easy to relate to, I think. They don't really have a typical brotherly relationship. Mason is more like a strict parent than a brother.

I think Tex is probably my favorite character. He's funny, headstrong, stupid, and reckless. I think he's more believable as a real boy than Ponyboy from The Outsiders. Ponyboy was kind of a sissy, looking at sunsets and whatnot.

A lot of stuff happens in this book too. I was surprised because it's not exactly a hefty-looking book. It's more like a pamphlet.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this book and I recommend it to everyone. Also, it's finally starting to get cold in Texas! Ahh. I love it. I absolutely hated the hot summery weather. Fall and winter are my favorite. Okay, bye.

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