Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Hunger Games *revisited*

Author: Suzanne Collins
Age range: 12 & up
Content: Moderate relationship content, no sexual content, none-to-mild cursing, high violence
Genre: Teen Adventure / Teen Survival / Teen Sci-fi 
Publisher: Scholastic Inc. 
Where to get it: Barnes & Noble or Amazon or Target 

Summary: North America is no more. Now lies a place called Panem, a shiny Capitol surrounded by twelve districts. To keep the districts in line, the Capitol forces them all to present one boy tribute and one girl tribute between the ages of twelve and eighteen to participate in the annual Hunger Games, a fight to the death on live TV. May the odds be ever in your favor. 

Opinions: Believe it or not, I've already reviewed this, hence the "revisited." If you would like to read my old review I will link it right HERE. I am reviewing this book again because I feel like my thoughts and opinions have changed since I last read it and I'm not a fan of the old review where all I did was talk about Katniss' name.

I'll be doing more of these "revisiting" things with books that have been turned into movies and just books that I really really love. Plus, it's nice to revisit old favorites.

Obviously, I do love this book. I think Katniss is an amazing main character and really nice, you know, role model. I really like the story line and the actual writing. Suzanne Collins is really good at descriptions and making the sentences flow. I don't think there were any slow parts. At least none that are memorable. It's a good book to read on planes or on car rides or if you just feel like having a new obsession. I guarantee you will be obsessed with the trilogy once you've finished.

This is also one of the only books my older brother has actually finished. He's not a reader at all; he doesn't have the patience. So obviously, it's good if my brother took time to read it. I've actually known a couple of non-readers to be big fans of this trilogy because it is just that amazing.

I've seen the movie a couple times. They did a really nice job, I think. Some people say they did a terrible job, but I just think they're idiots. The movie is really good. I highly recommend buying the movie. But read the book first. Always read the book first.

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