Monday, December 10, 2012

Rumble Fish

Author: S.E. Hinton
Age range: 14-17
Content: Moderate relationship content, no sexual content, moderate cursing, high violence
Genre: Teen Fiction
Publisher: Random House Children's Books
Where to get it: Barnes & Noble or Amazon or Target

Summary: Fourteen-year-old hoodlum Rusty James' most desired goal in life is to become as feared and respected as his older brother, Motorcycle Boy. Motorcycle Boy has been accused of insanity because of his aloof outlook and partial deafness and has disappeared multiple times, leaving Rusty James in the hands of their drunken father. Dealing with obvious issues, Rusty James seeks out trouble as a release which gets him expelled from school and dumped by his girlfriend, Patty.

Opinions: I read this a while back, so bear with me. I know that I like the writing because S.E. Hinton is just amazing. The plot was okay. There weren't as many surprises as I thought there would be. The back-story was simple, easy to follow. The characters were not easy to relate to. For me, anyway. If you regularly have rumbles and get drunk then you might feel differently. No offense intended. But, in a way, the fact that the characters were so unlike myself, made it sort of cool to read. It was like poking around in someone else's head. Whereas, the books I can relate to, I'm just kind of poking around in my own head which isn't as fun.

I did appreciate reading a book that doesn't have a happy ending. I kind of guessed what was going to happen because the book as a whole is not a happy book. It was actually pretty sad.

This book was made into a movie as well, a black and white one. So was Tex. Matt Dillon starred in Rumble Fish as Rusty JamesTex as Tex, and The Outsiders as Dallas Winston. He's probably my favorite out of that bunch of actors. But his middle eyebrow fuzz bothers me. I find it interesting that Matt Dillon starred in all three films. I haven't seen Tex or Rumble Fish, but I plan to.

Overall, I do like this book. I do recommend it if you want a nice quick read. It's not a thick book. So yeah. It's finally gotten super cold in Texas! Yay! Feels like Christmas. Whenever it gets to this time of year, I can't stop eating candy canes. Nomnomnom. That's it, I guess. Bye.

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